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Take a look at the various types of products that we sell below. We provide goods and services for virtually any degree of bonsai enthusiast.

Trees and Pre-Bonsai

At Muranaka Bonsai, we specialize in hand-growing trees in the ground from seen and from cuttings. Our traditional approach produces trees of the highest quality, and with the best available prerequisites for a future bonsai.

Bonsai Tools

Quality tools will last you a lifetime. All tools that we sell are made in Japan, and conform to the highest quality standard. Plus, our competitive pricing makes buying from us worthwile.

Bonsai Literature

We carry a wide variety of books related to bonsai. For those times when you can’t work on your trees, take a little time to read tips and tricks from the bonsai experts.

eBay Auctions

In addition to selling our products at the nursery, we sell trees on eBay from time to time. If you aren’t in the area but are still interested in buying a tree from our carefully tended nursery, take a look at our online auctions.