Jury duty and tagging.

I just got selected as a juror. The first day to tag trees will be moved back to Saturday October 3rd. 

Tagging day change?

I have been chosen for jury duty. I am still in the jury pool and have not been dismissed. If I get chosen, the first day to tag will be Saturday October 1st. 

Tagging field grown trees!

Thursday October 1st is the first day to tag field grown trees for next spring. There will be a change this year. I have something to do in the morning and will not be here until late morning. I will not be opening until 10:30 am. Do not come early, I will not be here!  There will be coffee and donuts. If you have any questions , call the nursery at 805-929-4818

Trade in tree.

This is a pine that I took in trade for a Japanese black pine that a customer wanted. His tree has many bar branches and bad branch placement. The tree was also weak. So, What do you do with a problem tree? Plant it in the ground and ignore it for a few years.  I decided to work on the pine as a landscape tree. The pictures are in reverse order. I first thinned out the tree. I then removed unnecessary branches. This is the final result. Now I will leave it alone to fill in again. 

Pruning a landscape pine.

This is a pine that my Dad started to prune in 2000. The picture of my Dad pruning the tree is the same tree that I worked on. The last picture is the tree today. The lantern in the original photo fell over in the Paso Robles earthquake. The sago palm in the picture was moved 4 feet to the right. 

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