New air-layers

Today I added a few air-layers to the field grown pines.  Air-layering is a quick method to form rooted pines.  If anyone is interested in trying one for themselves, give me a call or text me at the nursery number and you can try one on your own.

2 Responses to “ New air-layers ”

  1. Steve Wilson says:

    Hi George. I have a 6 foot Daintree pine I would like to air layer.It’s actually a member of the casaurina or she oak family. Can you give me any advice. Cheers Steve. Hervey Bay Queensland Australia

  2. Philip Richardson says:

    I live in Eugene OR, and have a number of leggy pines that I’d like to try this on. A few questions:
    What time of year do you do it?
    What material do you use in the nursery container?
    How long do you leave it on?

    -Philip Richardson

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