I just returned from Oakland.  I left this morning at 3:30 am.  The weather was beautiful and there was a large turnout to support the annual fundraiser for the collection North.  Saturday they hold an auction and on Sunday, there are demonstrations, vendor sales and consignment sales.  All of the efforts are to raise money for GSBF collection north. There is also the bonsaiathon held on the same weekend for the southern collection at the Huntington library.

     This past Saturday was a busy day.  I had my usual workshop in the morning and had a very challenging tree.  Angie and her husband Jeff brought an old San Jose juniper. It was quite bushy and had not been worked on.  The tree spanned nearly 4 ft across.  We ended up removing over 70 percent of the foliage. First we split off a branch at the base of the tree that was rooted.  Once this secondary branch becomes fully rooted, we will be able to work on it.  The rest of the tree we tilted on a slant to make a slanting style bonsai.  There were a lot of larger branches that we did not use.  So we decided to incorporate jin's(deadwood) into the design to create a greater appearance of age on a tree that is already quite old.  We took the remaining smaller branches and Angie wired everything.  Once we set the branches, the tree turned out quite nice.  Now as with most bonsai,we wait for the tree to fill in.  Once that is accomplished, we will remove the wire and possibly rewire some areas to fill in the tree.  In a few years it will become a beautiful piece to add to their collection.  I am continuing with Saturday morning workshops if anyone is interested.  Please call the nursery if you are interested.  805-929-4818

Before,during and after.

Today I  was helping customers, the weeds will have to be on hold.  As I was in between customers, I  decided to thin a field grown San Jose juniper.  Since I  had my iPad  with me I. Decided to take a picture before I started pruning the tree.  Before the work began, the tree was 20 inches tall, 20 inches wide.  The diameter of the tree is 3 inches and the flare at the base of the tree is 3 1/2 inches.  When I was done pruning I cut three inches in height and about four inches in width from the canopy.  I took picture's of the tree before I started and 


Chinese quince are beginning to flower.

Today a couple of customers came by to pick up their field grown trees.  I help someone dig out a very nice San Jose juniper.  The other customer came by to pick up a very nice atlas cedar.  I spent most of the day working on weeding around the ume trees.  I also walked the nursery to make plans for the next few weeks.  As I walked the nursery, I noticed a couple of Chinese quince that are beginning to flower.  It is a little early, but what can you do.  I included some pictures of the quince.  Just click onto the photo's to get a close up look.

Great show at Santa Nella!

The last couple of days here at the shohin convention have been great.  Sales have been fantastic and I have met many new customers.  I finally remembered to take pictures of some of the trees in the show.  Keep in mind that these trees are about 8 inches in height. This is the last day here.  If you are in the neighborhood, Come by and say hello.