Getting ready for Santa Nella!

This coming weekend will be the shohin convention in Santa Nella.  The convention will be at the Hotel Mission de Oro.  It is hard to miss.  It is right off the 5 freeway.  If you have never been to the shohin convention, it is a must see.  It only comes around on the even numbered years.  A shohin tree is a tree that is only 20cm in height(roughly 8 inches).  It sounds easy enough, but the smaller trees are actually harder to do.  There are always fantastic displays of shohin trees.  There are also many inexpensive and fun workshops with very experience bonsai artists.  It is always a fun event and one that I always look forward to. 

This past Saturday was workshop Saturday.  I had three wonderful students.  We worked on some larger procumbens nana junipers and a nice flowering pomegranate.  This Saturday there will be no workshop because I will be in Santa Nella.  The following Saturday there will be a workshop.  If you would like to attend, it starts from 9:00am and runs till 12:00pm.  You can bring a tree to work on or you can always purchase a tree from the nursery.  You get free use of tools and wire.  If you are interested, give me a call at 805-929-4818.  Thank you!  George

Great time at Saturdays workshop.

This past Saturday was the first workshop of 2014.  It is a weekly workshop on Saturdays from 9:00am-12:00pm.  The cost is $25.00 for the 3 hours.  You get free use of tools and wire.  Plus you get all the free advice and instruction that you can handle.  Last Saturday was fantastic.  We had two wonderful couples that worked on trees.  It was a little warm but we made it through.  The next workshop will be this coming Saturday Jan 25th.  The following Saturday on Feb. 1st, I will be out of town at the Shohin convention in Santa Nella.  If you have never been to the shohin convention, it is a must see.  Shohin trees are trees that are 20cm or less in height. (approx - 8 inches).  Sounds easy in theory, but the smaller the tree, the harder it is to make it appear like a bigger tree.  Also, harder to take care of.  There will be many fine examples of shohin trees on display.  There will also be workshops and many vendors selling, trees, tools, books and anything bonsai related.  I hope to see you there.  If you have any questions about this Saturdays workshop or the upcoming shohin convention, don't hesitate to call   805-929-4818  Thank you!  George

Saturday Workshop.

I am starting a Saturday workshop.  The workshop will run from 9:00am - 12:00pm.  You can bring a tree to work on, or you can purchase a tree from me. (Keep in mind that I have a buy three get one free offer on nursery containers).  What you get in the workshop is free use of tools and wire.  You also get free advice on how to shape the tree.  The cost of the workshop will be $25.00  The first Saturday workshop will be this Saturday, January 18th.  It will run every Saturday unless otherwise noted.  Please let me know if you are interested in participating by calling the nursery.  805-929-4818  Thank you!  George

New sale for January!

I am going to have a sale for the rest of the month of January.  The offer is buy three trees of similar container size and get the fourth tree for FREE.  The fourth tree must be the same size or smaller container.  Just make sure you tell me before I total the bill.  Just let me know you saw it on my blog.  This does not include trees that are in the field.  This deal is for container trees only.

Customers and apricots.

Today was a crazy busy day.  I had 5 different sets of customers come by today.  The first person was a familiar customer that comes by 2 - 3 times a year.  He bought a couple of smaller trees and he was on his way.  I spoke to him for a while because he always has a great story to tell.  The next couple just discovered me on the internet.  He was interested in bonsai and looked me up.  They are in California via Ohio.  They just moved to San Luis Obispo and wanted to purchase a few trees to begin shaping.  He was also interested in in the field grown trees and said he would be back in a few weeks to dig out a few trees.  I went in the house to grab lunch and a cup of coffee.  As I started with my coffee, Porkchop (my trusty door alarm) started barking like crazy.  Another couple came by to buy a few trees to start their bonsai hobby.  When they were walking around, another couple came up from Ventura to do some shopping for  trees to make into bonsai.  He found out about me through word of mouth and started to look around.  When I started to go back to the first customers, a third set of customers came by to purchase a few trees.  They also brought a tree for me to look at.  Now I had three different couples walking around.  I went back to the first couple who had a pile of trees for me to ring up.  After I wrote them up, I walked back to the second couple and asked if they needed further assistance.  They were still having fun looking.  I went to the third coupe who was done choosing trees.  I wrote them up and they were on their way.  When I finished up, the last couple had finished shopping.  They had four good size trees.  After I wrote them up, I helped them to their car.  They had a Prius and began strate

gizing on where to put the trees.  They knew their car well and were able to fit the trees in.  After I was getting ready to come into the house, I looked over at the ume's.  The white one is now about 90 percent covered in blossoms.  The pink one is only about 30 percent covered in flowers and my stubborn red ume is full of buds, but not one blossom has begun blooming.  I walked out to the field to look at my ume and noticed and unusual ume tree.  Some of the branches of the tree just randomly twist.  It is quite unusual.  It has one lone pink blossom on the tree.  There are several buds on the tree, but just one blossom.  I have included photo's of the ume.  Just click on the photo's to get a closer view.