Removing more air-layers!

Today I spent most of the day weeding around the crab apples and cork maples.  Before anyone asks, the cork maples are not ready for sale. I put them in the ground just a few years ago and they are barely half an inch in diameter.  I expect them to speed up in growth over the next few years.  After I weed around the trees,  I feed them and water well.  Today weeding was a exhausting because of the humidity.  We were near 80 degrees today with high humidity.  You know that it is going to be a nice day when you go outside at 6:30am and it is already nice outside.  After I was done weeding, I removed some more of the Japanese black pine air-layers.  Last years air-layers were slow in developing roots.  Part of this is my fault because I started taking air-layers in late March (later then I wanted to start) and kept working on air-layer through June.  Because of this, I am taking off air-layers as they root.  I removed four of them today.  One is a multi-trunk air-layer.  I did the multi-trunk because many times people are interested in twin, triple or more trunks on a pine.  If nobody buys it, it will become a multi-trunk landscape pine.  I also worked on wiring a San Jose juniper.  This is a juniper that is quite large.  I also took a landscape Japanese red pine and cut it down to half its size.  I am going to wire the branches down eventually and create a nice bonsai.  New England bonsai came by Monday on Memorial Day to purchase some trees.  Since they bought my nice red pine, I though that I would start another.  I have included pictures of the trees that I mentioned in this blog.
red pine landscape/bonsai

wired San Jose juniper

Japanese black pine air-layers

New trees for sale!

Working on customer trees.

Muranaka Bonsai Nursery and Landscape trees!