New projects!

Weeding around the trees.

Checking the progress of pine grafts.

Pictures of last years air-layers.

Pictures of last years air-layers.

Today was a typical day of weeding.  I worked on cleaning up a few of the areas around the pines.  My Father tilled the aisles with the tractor.  After weeding I decided to remove a few of the pine air-layers that I did last year.  I took some pictures of the air-layers.  There is a close up of one of the flared bases that is created by putting slits in the bark.  I also took a picture of the base of one of the air-layers.  I dusted rooting hormone on the base of the cut before I transplanted the air-layers into 6 inch pots.  Since I waited a full year before removing them, they have really nice full rooting.  I am planning on doing more air-layers this year as time permits.
you can see where I cut the plant off on the pine to the far left

close up of root flare created by making slits in bark

picture of air-layer with unusually small needles

base of air-layer after removing branch

base of larges air-layer, 1 inch in diameter

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