Rainy day fun.

cork bark pine

detail of tree

base of tree
The last few days have had scattered showers.  In between the showers, I have been working on digging out Chinese elm trees that I had planted many years ago.  There are some nice size trees, but before you ask it will be a while before I sell them.  Also, as I dug out the Chinese elm trees, there were many suckers that were coming out from the soil where I had removed an elm earlier in the year.  I dug out all the sucker growth and separated and planted them as well.  By the time I counted all of the volunteers from the soil, I had over 140 sapling Chinese elms.  I also took a picture of a very large cork pine.  This tree was initially a bonsai.  This tree came to us in a 14 inch wide bonsai pot.  This tree is currently about 6 feet tall!  The tree was near dead and we told the customer that it had about a 20 % chance of survival.  A few years and a lot of TLC later, this is what the tree looks like today.  I put a one gallon tree next to the base of the trunk for reference.