Planting trees!

Today I have been working on planting trees in all of the spots where they were dug out.  There are quite a few trees that we dug out this year.  This includes trees from the field that were dug out to fill the benches.  Also, there were trees that customers tagged late last year that were dug out.  In between the planting, I went inside as they were installing our new dishwasher.  You are probably thinking what is wrong with the old dishwasher.  There is nothing wrong with me but I thought I would replace the broken dishwasher.  As they were installing the dishwasher, the supply line would not shut off properly. (Nothing ever goes as planned.)  They installed the dishwasher after I shut the main water line.  Then it was back to planting trees.  I had called a plumber to replace the water supply line to the dishwasher.  When he replaced it, I asked him if he could replace the supply line to our toilet in our master bathroom.  He fought with the line but finally got it off.  After he was done, I had to fix the leaky toilet.  Never a dull moment.  Tomorrow I have to help out at a middle school.  That is going to be the highlight of my day.  It is always fun working with kids.  Owning a bonsai nursery isn't all bad.........

Too many trees!

I have too many trees in nursery cans.  I am going to have a 20% off sale on any tree in a black nursery can.   This applies to pick up only.  To get the discount, let me (George) know that you read about the sale on my blog.  That is all you need to do.  The discount will run until the end of March of this year.  Tell your friends.  Now is a good time to stock up on trees for any occasion.

Rainy day fun.

cork bark pine

detail of tree

base of tree
The last few days have had scattered showers.  In between the showers, I have been working on digging out Chinese elm trees that I had planted many years ago.  There are some nice size trees, but before you ask it will be a while before I sell them.  Also, as I dug out the Chinese elm trees, there were many suckers that were coming out from the soil where I had removed an elm earlier in the year.  I dug out all the sucker growth and separated and planted them as well.  By the time I counted all of the volunteers from the soil, I had over 140 sapling Chinese elms.  I also took a picture of a very large cork pine.  This tree was initially a bonsai.  This tree came to us in a 14 inch wide bonsai pot.  This tree is currently about 6 feet tall!  The tree was near dead and we told the customer that it had about a 20 % chance of survival.  A few years and a lot of TLC later, this is what the tree looks like today.  I put a one gallon tree next to the base of the trunk for reference.