Back from Oakland.

The bonsai show at Lake Merritt in Oakland was quite successful.  The weather was quite nice.  You always get a mixed bag of weather in February.  At least half of the time, when I go to the show it rains on me.  This year was a nice day.  There were a lot of nice bonsai people looking to buy nice trees.  I have been continuing to weed the field around the trees.  We were able to rototill the field earlier.  It was extremely cold this morning and tomorrow looks to be another cold day.  We never made it into the 60's which is about 10 degrees below normal.  It was also a frosty morning.  I was able to purchase a large wisteria and a couple of Texas cedar elms.  I am going to try and propagate the elms when they get a little bigger.

Busy prepping for Show in Oakland

I have been busy at the nursery.  I have had several customers come by to pick up their pines out of the field.  I have also been prepping trees for this weekends show in Oakland at Lake Merritt.  Over the past week I have also cut off more air-layers.  In a few more weeks, I will begin the air-layers for this year.  As I walked the field, I noticed some of the Chinese quince were beginning to flower.  I will take a picture of them when I get a chance.  Well its back to work for me. Busy, busy, busy!

Planting new plants.

I received this years order of trees from Oregon.  I just ordered a few plants that I was running low on.  I transplanted some trident maples and some Japanese black pine.  I also planted some small arakawa maples.  The arakawa maple is a rough bark maple.  As the tree ages, the outer bark of the maple becomes rough.  Most of these maples I planted in the ground.  I want to get the barks nice and rough before I begin to sell them.  It also creates anticipation for all my customers who are waiting on these trees.  Last Tuesday we were suppose to get about 3/4 inch of rain. (According to the weather forecast, we had a 90% chance of rain.).  We got barely a trace.  Last night and this morning we were suppose to get some rain showers.  Early morning it rained steadily and we got about a quarter inch of rain.  Then it cleared up.  This was my opportunity to work on planting my trees.  Then it got cloudy and we got showers intermittently. The forecast was for clearing.  The best thing about the rain is the unpredictability.  Tomorrow I am going to a local grade school to help them work with their Japanese garden.  I have not seen the garden yet, but I am looking forward to working with the teachers and children.  It also happens to be one of the schools that my wife works at as the assistant principal.  I better behave or I might get sent to the office.

Successful Convention Trip

The Shohin convention was a great success on many levels.  The displays were fantastic and the enthusiasm was great.  There were people visiting from many states.  Both as participants and vendors.  Other than a very cold Friday, the weekend weather was beautiful.  Now it on to the next show at the end of the month in Oakland.  The last Sunday in February will be the show for GSBF collection North at Lake Merritt.  There will be vendor sales and consignment sales and a raffle.  Many of the proceeds will go to help maintain the collection North. Hope to see you there!