Almost ready!

Tomorrow I will be loading my truck for the GSBF convention in Riverside. I have been pruning, pinching, weeding, watering and prepping the trees that I will be taking to the convention.  In between all of this, I have had a few customers to take care of.  It has been a long week already, but the hard work will pay off when I get to the convention.  After I write this, I can now cross off another item off of my to do list.  I will let you know how things went at the convention.

Getting ready for Riverside

The GSBF convention will begin next Thursday in Riverside.  I went and bought a few trees from a local wholesale nursery just for Riverside.  I purchase some leptospernum(tea trees), dwarf fushia's and some procumbens nana.  I needed to buy the fushias and tea trees to early enough to trim and shape for the convention.  I just bought the procumbens nana because you can never have too many.  I am continuing to clean the trees up for the convention.  I am removing the old needles on the pines and trimming the junipers, tridents, and Chinese quince to make sure they are perfect.  The Yamato show had a wonderful turn out and I did well with sales.  I think Riverside will be tremendous.  I hope to see many of you there.  If you need anything specific, please e-mail me at or call the nursery at 805-929-4818 and I will try to bring some of the material down at your request.

Nice turn out at Yamato Show!

I just came back from the Yamato Bonsai Show in Union City. They had a good turn out for the weekend.  I had very good sales and met many nice people.  I also had time to catch up with old friends.  Now that the Yamato show is over, I am concentrating on prepping trees for the GSBF show in Riverside at the end of the month.  This is the Grand Daddy of all shows.  This is the biggest show in California and it attracts bonsai enthusiasts from all over the country.  There is usually a large contingent of people from Hawaii, Arizona, Florida, Georgia and Minnesota.  Of course there are others from other states and mostly from California, but I am impressed with the representation of the other states.  Well it is time to catch up on paper work and time to go to bed.  I had a Monster drink on my way home along with a large cup of coffee, but that won't stop me from falling asleep.  I have a big day ahead tomorrow of unloading the trees I took and also the pots that I purchased at the show.  I am getting tired just thinking of all the work that I have to do.

Turning up the heat!

Last week we had rain.  Today it was in the mid 90's.  Tomorrow is suppose to be hotter!  What is a bonsai person to do?  Water, water and water some more.  Most of the plants are not being affected.  However, if we have a few more days of this, it may start to affect the trees.  Today I continues prepping the trees for the upcoming shows.  I worked on weeding the containers, and pruning back the junipers.  Tomorrow will be more of the same, if I can handle the heat!

Rain again?

Thursday afternoon we got a bit of rain.  Nothing unusual except the forecast for yesterday and the rest of the week called for sunny skies.  I am continuing to work on trees for the upcoming club shows and convention.  When I have spare time, I also like to work on refining trees.  I also have to start weeding in some areas again.  The rain is not helping.  It is nice that I don't have to water, but the rain is making the ground appear green as the weed seeds start to germinate.  I guess like the bonsai trees have a seasonal cycle, the weeds and rain also have there cycle.

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