Let the tagging begin!

Tomorrow is the first official day of tagging for the field grown bonsai trees to be dug out for spring of 2012.  I am adding another incentive for tagging tomorrow.  You will receive a 20% discount on any one tree that you purchase to take home in containers.  This does not include the tagged trees in the field or on trees that are currently being held for pick-up. This is for trees only including finished bonsai trees.  To receive the discount, you must refer to this discount in the blog and talk to me (George).  My father will just ignore your request and ask you to talk to me.  Now is the time to stock up on your favorite tree to work with.  Remember you will get a 20% discount on one of the container trees.  Hope to see you tomorrow.

October is just around the corner!

October 1st is coming this Saturday!  My how time flies.  It will be the first available day to tag field grown trees for bonsai.  I can smell the coffee and taste the donuts!  I have had several people call me regarding tagging and I have had a few people ask  me to tag trees for them.  Please let all your bonsai friends know about tagging field grown trees in Nipomo.  Hope to see you on Saturday!

Almost done!

We bought some procumbens nana's at a local nursery.  I was interested in buying 1 gallon trees, but they were very small.  They sold out on their last batch of 1 gallon trees.  So I bought 5 gallon trees instead.  When we got them home, we had to stake them up and prune them back severely.  I have been hard at work weeding the field.  I think I will have completed the field by the end of next week.  Then I will start pruning the volunteer growth around the trunks of the ume and crab apples.   Now that I am caught up on weeding, I am planning on buying a torch to burn the weed seeds.  Hopefully this will slow down the growth of weeds in the field.  I am also planning on buying small weed discs to place in the nursery cans.  They help prevent weeds from germinating in the cans.  I will have to do this slowly because I have a lot of cans to cover. I might finally have some time to work on some trees each day.  Let the fun begin!

Buying more plants!

The last few days have been spent on weeding.  It has begun to cool down a bit and fall is in the air.  We are almost caught up on weeding.  Yesterday a customer called to prune her black pine.  It has been a few years since we pruned the tree and it had gotten way out of hand.  The secondary probem was that it is in a planter that is 3 feet high and right at the sidewalk.  To make matters worse, she has a perfectly sheared hedge of rosemary that completely surrounds the pine.  In order for us to prune the pine, we have to stand of the rosemary hedge.  We also have to put a ladder on the rosemary hedge to reach the top of the pine.  It is quite precarious.  Near the sidewalk I placed the ladder on the rosemary hedge.  I used a 6 foot ladder and climbed up a few feet.  But since the tree is in a raised planter, I am actually about 6-7 feet above the sidewalk. I tried not to think about it or look down.  It took us a couple of hours to prune.  If the tree were planted on a flat surface, we would have been done in half the time.  It also took us longer because we had to thin the tree back heavily to get the shape back.  We had to strike a balance.  We needed to thin the tree without making it so bare that the customer would freak out.  I think it turned out beautifully.  Today I have to continue weeding, but I want to check out a local nursery that sells landscape plants.  They feed everything like crazy, so we always find something interesting.  I really also could use a break from the weeding.

October tagging!

In a few weeks, tagging will begin in the field.  For those who have not participated in the tagging of trees, let me explain the process.  About 25 years ago my father began letting people tag field grown trees for later pick-up.  Tagging begins October 1st and continues until digging starts.  The digging period is usually from mid January to mid April.  After all trees are picked up in spring, no tagging is allowed until October and the process begins again.  The reason we stopped tagging after the digging period is because people wanted to tag trees and leave them in the ground.  The problem with that idea is that we would be caring for the trees and the trees would be getting bigger.  That would be fine except then they would want to pay the prices that were quoted when they first tagged the tree.  The prices of the field grown trees remain the same for this year.  Please let your friends know about the tagging process.  Please tweet, blog, text and use any other form of communication to let your friends know.  This year October 1st is a Saturday.  There will be donuts and coffee available on a first come first serve basis until they are gone.  See you on the first........

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