Sun and the Wind revisited

I wrote this blog on September of last year.  As I was rereading the post I realized that it is just as pertinent today as the day I wrote it.  I hope you enjoy it.

The nursery was kind of slow this week.  I had a few customers, but only a handful of sales.  It reminded me of a story that I heard when I was a young kid.  One day the sun and the wind were arguing about who was the more powerful.  The sun boasted that it gives warmth and light and helps all things grow.  The wind boasted that he was the more powerful because he put wind in sails and could move heavy objects as well as lift birds in the sky.  Then the sun and the wind saw a man walking the earth with a coat on.  So the sun challenged the wind and said  `Let us see who is stronger by seeing who can take the coat off of the man walking the earth'  The wind agreed to the challenge and said he would go first.  So the wind began blowing a chilling wind.  The man stopped and buttoned his coat to the top.  That angered the wind and he began blowing a fierce wind.  The man stopped and pulled up his collar and tied his coat strap as tightly as he could.  The harder the wind blew, the tighter the man held on to his coat.  So the sun exclaimed, It is my turn.  So he gently began to warm the earth.  The man began to loosen his coat.  The sun began to gently increase the earth until it became quite hot.  The man stopped and took off his jacket.  The moral to the story is, It is not how hard you work, but how thoughtful you work.  Now this story reminds me of our current economy.  We are the man in the story and our money is our coat.  The wind is a bad economy and the sun is a good economy.  The worse the economy gets, the tighter we hold onto our money.  The tighter that we hold our money, the worse the economy gets.  As the economy gets better, we start to spend money.  As we spend money, the better the economy gets.  We need to let sun shine in.  We need to spend money on things we enjoy.  It does not mean to be frivolous with our money, but to use our money on things that makes us happy like our hobbies.  As we spend money, and feel better about the economy, the economy will get better.  It is time to take off our jackets in a thoughtful manner and spend money on bonsai.....

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