Long weekend!

I just got back from Oakland and I am really tired.  This weekend started early on Saturday morning.  I got up at 6 am to finish planting trees that I started on Friday.  Saturday morning was extremely cold, but I had to finish planting trees so that I could load my truck for Sundays show in Oakland.  I finished planting just before noon.  I was expecting two big clients.  My plan was to load the truck in between customers.  One of my clients called and said they would be coming next week.  The other one was a no show.  I loaded my truck and finally I started to relax.  I then went to my sister's birthday party.  My wife and I got home at around 10 pm.  I got up at 3:30 am on Sunday and drove to Oakland.  I set up my booth and started selling.  After I was done, I went to my daughters place in Palo Alto.  I took my daughter to dinner.  Then I drove to Hayward to spend the night.  I got up early this morning to buy bonsai pots on the way home.  I loaded my truck and left Hayward at 10:00 am.  I got back at around 2:00 pm.  I was going to unload my van, but I had a regular customer come by and spent time helping him.  After he left, I unloaded the pots and labeled the boxes with prices.  I left my van in the back.  I will have to unload the plants tomorrow.  Tomorrow is going to be another hectic day.  The nice thing about this weekend was that sales were good and I was able to get pots to start transplanting trees and creating bonsai's for sale.

Rain, rain go away!

Today I was working on prepping trees for the GSBF collection North event.  I will be a vendor in Oakland on Sunday.  The event takes place at Lake Merritt.  It may start raining on Thursday night.  Showers are to follow on Friday and a steady rain on Saturday.  That is the forecast for the next few days.  I am going to get a customer on Friday and Saturday is suppose to be extra busy.  I will have a couple of customers come up on Saturday to dig the trees that they tagged in the field.  I hope it is not raining too hard when I help dig trees.  Also, I have one of my biggest clients coming on Saturday to pick up a bunch of trees.  I think I will start loading my truck on Friday to stay ahead of the steady rain.  After the show on Sunday, I am going to stay in Oakland for a night to buy bonsai pots on Monday.  The show on Sunday looks promising.  I already have a pre-sale of 11 field grown pines that I am taking up to Oakland.  On Friday I hope to go to our local sushi restaurant.  I can enjoy my favorite rolls and watch the Laker's avenge their earlier lost to the Clippers.  It should be a great Friday.  Bonsai is all work and occasionally I get to play.

Messing with the rain Gods

I should not have asked where the rain was.  It came down very heavy on Saturday.  Between late Friday and Sunday morning, we received nearly 2 inches of rain.  I was teaching at a workshop on Saturday.  It was indoors, but I had to move all my plants and materials into the room.  The room was only about 30 feet away, but just enough for me to get soaked.  This is going to be another hectic week.  I am going to the GSBF collection North bonsai show on the weekend.  I am also going to stop and buy some bonsai pots on the way home.  I also have to take some pines up for a customer and I am also getting ready for a large customer purchase on Saturday.  It is suppose to rain on the weekend.  I hope the rain is light during the weekend.  I need to help the customer on Saturday and load my van for Sunday.

Where’s the rain?

We have had a threat of rain almost the entire week.  Tuesday we received a trace amount.  Wednesday was suppose to be a heavy rain event, but we scarcely got a quarter of an inch.  I did get a lot of my taxes done.  Thursday was suppose to have rain showers, but we just got drizzle off and on.  Now today we are suppose to pick up over an inch of rain.  I guess I should be careful what I wish for.  Yesterday I spent most of the day digging up junipers and transferring other trees that are in nursery containers to smaller 6 and 8 inch pots.  The reason for this is to prep the trees for upcoming bonsai conventions.  I also worked on some cuttings.  I cut some heart ivy, and dwarf ivy.  I also am trying some cork oak.  I have got 4 large cork oaks and two of them are starting to produce acorns.  If the cuttings are successful, I can cut the cork oaks down and prep them to be dug out in the future.  They have trunks ranging from 4 - 6 inches in diameter.  They have grown in diameter about 1 inch per year.  I need to decide soon what I am going to do with them before they get too big!

Digging junipers!

Today I was working on filling the juniper table.  I started by transplanting all of last years trees into the new soil mix that I ordered.  I also trimmed back the trees that were over grown.  Then I started to dig out junipers from the field.  I was amazed at how nice the trees were growing.  Some of the trees had really nice bases and movement.  I trimmed back the trees from the field.  There were many black widow spiders hiding amongst the junipers.  After I trimmed the junipers, I sprayed the trees.  I cut the field grown junipers back to the small interior branches.  That way you can see the movement.  Now I just let the trees grow for a few months.  I will then feed the trees to speed up there growth and trim them back a second time.  After the third time, I can begin wiring some of the trees.  Of course if someone wants to purchase one before I start wiring, I will be happy to sell it to them.  I had three customers today.  That does not sound like much, but Tuesdays are typically slow.  I sold quite a few trees.  Someone also tagged a tree for later pick up.  We have had a little rain on Monday.  Today was overcast and drizzled just a bit.  Tonight we are suppose to get the next wave of storms and tomorrow is suppose to bring about an inch of rain.  Thursday is suppose to bring showers and Friday and Saturday look to be wet days.  The rain is nice, but it brings weeds.  At least I will have time to catch up on my paperwork for my taxes!

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