Digging and prepping trees.

Today I worked on shaping the trees that I picked up on Thursday.  They already had a good start.  I just refined the tree by pruning away larger branches and allowing the smaller branches to take there place.  I also started digging out some black pines, cork elms, Chinese quince and junipers to fill my sales benches.  I need to constantly fill the benches to keep the inventory up.  I need them to take to shows, sale at the nursery, and to put on e-bay.  I have to be 6 months ahead to keep my sales area full.  I like to work on the trees and make sure they are rooted in there pots before I sell the trees.  Today was the first overcast day we had in a long time.  Today we only had about an hour of sunshine.  Later in the evening we started to get light drizzle.  We are suppose to get rain tomorrow.  Then the forecast is for our normal temperatures.  We will be in the low to mid 60's most of next week.  I am also deciding on the tree I will be working on for a demonstration that I will be doing for our local University.  I enjoy working with Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  It also happens to be my Alma mater.  I think I will dig up one of my San Jose junipers.  They are really full.  It is always fun to cut away most of the foliage for a demonstration.  I need to start prepping trees for the Golden State Collection North show that will be coming up at the end of February.  I think I will try to take it easy tomorrow, I will have another hectic week coming up..........

Trip to Fresno

I went over to a friends house in Fresno.  He has a lot of nice stock that he has been growing over many years.  I picked up a lot of smaller stock and a few big pieces.  The trees have fantastic root systems.  This is because he grows them in a pond basket using nothing but Calidama(his version of akadama).  He grinds down the soil himself.  The results are great.  I did shake off as much of the soil that I could so I could put more trees in the van.  I think it was a great trip.  I will work on transplanting the trees today and pruning them back.  I also need to do a lot of shipping and to prep material for a demo on Monday night at Cal Poly Horticulture club.  I better get to work.................

Hot and busy!

This past weekend was crazy.  Starting with Friday I had a customer. Than Saturday I had a couple of huge sales, followed by Sunday when a customer picked up trees that he had tagged earlier.  It was a hectic weekend.  It also has been unseasonably warm. We have been in the low to mid 70's.  Today it was in the low 80's.  I watered the field for the first time in months.  I also ordered soil for the container trees.  I needed to do this because I have a couple of orders coming in a few weeks.  I am also trying to order a generic bonsai soil mix and have it delivered this week some time.  I also contacted a friend that is getting rid of a bunch of trees.  He is a great grower of bonsai starts and needs to sell them.  I will be visiting him shortly.  In between all of this,  I have to plan a bonsai presentation for a local University.  I also have to ship a large quantity of trees in the next few days.  In the mean while to fill my nights, I need to catch up on my paperwork to pay my sales tax and to prep all the paperwork for last year to do my taxes! Whew!  I think I have been procrastinating long enough.  I have to start on my paperwork...  I will try to take pictures of the ume trees. One is white and the other is pink and they look spectacular.  They are in full bloom and are quite fragrant.

Grafting pines

Today was a very physical day.  I weeded the field and finished most of the heavily weeded areas.  Now I just need to do a few of the other lines each day and I will be caught up.  I also started to graft today.  Normally we graft pines in the middle of January.  We found out by trial and error that it is a good time for the grafts to take.  I grafted some corking varietals today.  I grafted some Tahei and some regular cork pines onto our Mikawa understock.  I also grafted a dwarf varietal of white pine.  I will try to graft 5 - 10 trees every day.  Normally I like to graft around 50 - 100 pines.  If I break it out to a few a day, I won't feel overwhelmed.  I also have to clean out a large area to receive a load of planting mix.  I am also going to try to clear an area next to the planting mix to order a load of bonsai soil mix. 

Back from BIB show.

The Bay Island Bonsai show was fantastic.  They had the highest quality trees and I did great at the vendor area.  Today was very a nice day.  The weather was unbeatable (76 degrees).  I had a few customers today as well as one yesterday.  I am scheduled to have another customer tomorrow as well.  I have been busy with other things as well.  I needed to place a plant order.  I also need to order soil.  Other things on my agenda include grafting pines, digging out the numerous volunteer plants all over the nursery, and to take cuttings of various trees.  This is all on top of keeping up with the weeding!  I am quite busy, but I would not want it any other way.

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