Santa Clara Show

So far the results at the Santa Clara show have been excellent.  There are many young headliners at the bonsai convention.  I also have my daughter and my wife up here as well.  There has been a little rain up here, but I hope it is not too much to slow the customers.  Today is usually the best selling day...

Customers on Sunday/getting ready for Santa Clara.

Sunday I had a few people come by to look around the nursery.  They also picked up a few trees.  Today and the rest of the week, I am getting ready for the big GSBF show in Santa Clara.  It is also the weekend for multiple birthdays in my family.  My daughter has a birthday on the 29th and my wife is a Halloween baby.  So my son is coming up from L.A. to come to our house in Nipomo.  Then my wife and son will come up and we will take my daughter out for dinner on her birthday.  My son will stay with a friend and my wife will come up and stay with me.  I am looking forward to the convention.  There will be quite a few young headliners for the convention.  I hope to see many of you there.  Come by to my vendor booth to say hello!

Very busy in this damp weather

We have had a very wet few days.  It rained a little over last weekend and we have had a very drizzly few days.  It was wet enough for the water to pond up on the trash can lids.  It has been a very busy week.  I had two customers from the Los Angeles area.  The first person had never been to the nursery and was overwhelmed with the selection of trees.  The other customer has been here many times and came to pick up a few trees and to tag some field grown trees.  I also had a local customer come by and pick up a few landscape trees.  The wet weather is nice because I do not have to water the plants.  The wet weather is bad because it helps all the weed seeds to germinate.  I have been working on weeding around the plants.  I have also been pruning back any unruly trees as I weed.  Today looks to be another hectic day..........

Yamato Bonsai Show and Sale

My trip to the Yamato bonsai show was a great success.  They put on a very nice show.  Their display trees were fantastic.  Johnny Uchida did two wonderful demonstrations.  I had very good sales.  The attendance for Saturday was fantastic.  Sundays attendance was slowed down by the rain.  I also think a lot of people were interested in watching the baseball playoffs and the 49'er/Raider match up in football.  I also purchased some trees that were being sold by the Yamato bonsai club and by their members.  I mostly bought some seiju elms that I was planning on putting in the field.  I also bought a very large Japanese black pine bonsai (Like I really needed another black pine!).  The tree is large enough that it would make a nice landscape tree in a few years.  I could also refine and fine wire the tree and sell it as a bonsai.  I also bought a very large boxwood that has no branching on the bottom.  It has a wide canopy on the top of the tree that is virtually flat.  The tree starts out with a large base,(about 3 inches) and has multiple trunks.  I was going to cut all the trunks except for one.  Then I was going to tilt the tree at an angle to give the tree movement.  Then it is a long wait for the tree to fill in.  I really just wanted another project.  I can see my father shaking his head from side to side, wondering what his son has brought home this time.....

Packing up and ready to go!

I am attending the Yamato show in Union City this weekend.  I hope to see many or you there.  I have brought many nice trees and I have made it a goal to sell half my van load.  In order to do that I have really nice pricing on the trees.  The only way you will know how low the pricing has become is by attending the show.  Now that is incentive.  We have had very good business this week.  October is going gangbusters.  If the rest of the month is as busy as the first two weeks, this will be my best October on record.  We have had many people bring in trees that have not been pruned in a long time.  We like challenges.  Well, I have to pack my bags and get a good nights rest.  I have to leave at around 4:30 am!

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