Back from REBS

The REBS show in Santa Rosa was fantastic as usual.  They really do an excellent job with their displays and with getting the word out on their show.  Now on to the next show.  The next one that I will be attending will be in mid October.  It is the Yamato Bonsai Show in Union City.  Their Sensei is Johnny Uchida.  He is a wonderful bonsai artist and is good friends with my father.  I am looking forward to attending their show.  At the end of October will be the big GSBF show in Santa Clara.  I have to unload my truck today, water trees, weed and plan for October.  I better get working.............

On my way to Santa Rosa.

This morning I am heading up to Santa Rosa for the REBS show.  I have been prepping for it for a long time.  I have been watching the stock market and people are apprehensive of what lies ahead.  There is 3 trillion dollars in cash, cash equivalents and bond funds.  Not including the money under the mattress and buried in the backyard.  I hope people are willing to take some of that money and spend it on bonsai.  The last few shows that I have attended have been fantastic.  Let's hope that trend continues.  One of the benefits of going to shows up north is that I can visit my daughter and take her out to dinner on my way home.

Finally summer?

Today and for the next several days we are expecting warm weather.  As I write this, we are at 95 degrees.  I am getting my trees ready for the REBS show in Santa Rosa.  It has one of the finest bonsai displays that you will ever see.  I almost done with pruning landscape trees for my customers.  I only have one left.  I hope to see many of you at the REBS show.  Come by and say hi. 

Busy as a bee.

We have been very busy over the weekend and also spilling into the beginning of the week.  It seems everyone needs their bonsai fix.  We have been selling a lot of trees and tools.  One of the customers that came by yesterday  asked if I would like to go to lunch.  He said he enjoys Japanese food, so we went to the local sushi bar.  It was a wonderful meal.  When we got back, he picked up his trees and purchased some pots.  I gave him a discount on the pots because he bought lunch.  I was getting ready to go the post office and another customer pulled up.  I know this because my dog was going crazy.  My dog porkchop is a wonderful watchdog.  He barks like crazy until you enter the nursery, then he becomes quiet because he realizes that you are here to visit the nursery.  I had a father come by with his kids.  He had a little girl that wanted to show me which tree she likes.  She took me to the bonsai's and pointed to a dwarf fucschia in a little pot that was flowering.  I asked her why she liked it and she said she wanted to give it to her friend for her birthday.  After she told me her story, I gave her the plant.  I do that quite often.  If a child shows interest in bonsai, often times I let them choose a 1 gallon plant to take home.  We could always use more bonsai enthusiasts.  I have to get ready to prune a pine today.  I thought this was the last pruning job, but my Dad's friend wanted us to come by on Thursday.  I must be doing something right, business has been brisk.

Visiting an old friend.

My father and I went to prune our favorite pine.  It is a huge majestic tree that I help my father plant over 35 years ago.  The tree is about 11 feet tall, has a diameter at the soil level of over 14 inches.  The tree has phenomenal movement and nice plating on the bark.  The lowest branch on one side is over 7 ft. in length.  It took my father and myself over 3 1/2 hours to decandle and thin the tree.  If you go back to last years blog, I believe the picture of the pine is still there.  I believe I wrote something in July 28th of last year under the title of Majestic Pine.  I took off a few air-layers today and they are looking great.  They have been quite popular and I have been selling them like crazy.  I also dug out some pines today that I wired and field grew.  They are nice and twisted.  I will try to remember to take a picture and post them in a future blog if I have some spare time..........

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