Another Near Miss!

This past Friday night and Saturday morning we had another brush with a chance of rain. This time it was a 40 % chance. The result was the same as before, no rain! Oh well we can only hope. I have been quite busy at the nursery. There is always something to do. One constant are the weeds and watering. Today I went to consult on pruning what the customer thought was a Japanese black pine. After I saw the tree, I told him that it was not a Japanese black pine. It was and Austrian black pine. The Austrian black pine grows quicker and has longer needles. I gave him pointers on cutting off large competing branches and asked him to call me back after he removed some of the larger branches. I also have been shipping a lot of trees lately. I think people are starting to feel better about the economy or they are spending the money on themselves. Either way, it is good business for the nursery. I need to get busy prepping more trees for e-bay. I hope everyone didn’t overdo it on Thanksgiving! I did and it took the rest of the night and most of the next day to recover. We also started to put some of the frost tender plants in our greenhouse(old chicken coop). We have had frost for the last few mornings, but the afternoons have been quite nice. I think we have had cool winters for the past few years.

Marco Invernizzi visit

The Santa Maria Bonsai Club will be inviting Marco Invernizzi to work with our club members. If you do not know who he is, he is considered one of the youngest bonsai masters. Marco apprenticed with the world renown Japanese bonsai master Masahiko Kimura. Marco is quite a talent and is very entertaining and knowledgeable. No matter what your skill level is, Marco is sure to help you improve your skills. We will have him in Nipomo, on Sunday December 6th. If you would like to learn more about Marco, you can log onto his website at If you would like more information regarding the visit to the Santa Maria Bonsai Club you can contact me at the nursery number at 805-929-4818 Thank you. George

Prepping trees/prepping turkey and ham!

I am still working on pruning trees for the upcoming conventions. I am also trying to get our house ready for our Thanksgiving guests. We will be having 18 people total. I am in charge of cleaning the outside of the house. I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving! Don’t eat too much and remember that Thanksgiving is about family, laughter and love….

Rain? What rain?

Boy am I disappointed. We barely got a trace of rain. Now I am going to have to water the field on Monday. On most years, we start getting steady rain from October. Therefore we don’t usually have to water the field until early spring. It is November and I have to water! ARGHHHHH… Well, that’s life. It looks like the whole week will be nice and sunny. We will be in the high 60’s to low 70’s. I suppose I shouldn’t complain and just enjoy the weather. The trees are still confused. We have dwarf apricots starting to bloom(about a month early) and the leaves have not fallen off of the tree yet. We have crabapples in the field that are beginning to flower again. I think I have had different trees flowering from spring until now. Well I have to get back to weeding, with rain comes weeds…

Rain predicted 70 percent chance!

We may finally get some rain tonight. We have not had a good rain since mid October. The weather forecaster predicted a 70 percent chance of rain. The way I see it, they have a 30 percent chance of getting it wrong. We are suppose to have an el nino year. Translated – a wet year. So far we are behind schedule. What other job can you be wrong, just as much as you are right and keep your job? I think I should have become a meteorologist. I have been working on some junipers that I pulled out of the ground. I am also pruning and getting trees ready for the conventions in 2010. It seem so far away until you consider that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Then of course we have black Friday shopping to prepare for Christmas. Before you know it we will be celebrating New Years Eve! We have a tradition in our family that started many generations ago. In Japan, people celebrate the new year. When my parents moved to the U.S. in 1956, they did not know too many Japanese people. When they were introduced to the Japanese community through the local Buddhist Church, they started visiting with each other on New Years Day. Everyone would cook a huge Japanese meal and everyone would try to out do one another. They would go from house to house and become more inebriated along the way(I hope someone was the designated driver). So when we got older we continued the tradition. Except we just invite our friends over for a nice Japanese feast. I am not the greatest Japanese cook, but I am getting better. My daughter is usually in charge of making the sushi and I am in charge of the tempura, sukiyaki and the fried won tons. Okay, you caught me fried won tons aren’t really Japanese but I do make a mean won ton. Boy I’m getting hungry. I’ll update you later, I am going to get a snack…

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