Back to Normal

Today the weather is cool outside after a week of warm weather. I actually need a jacket this morning. Yesterday was so cold that I kept my jacket on all day. I don’t think we made it out of the low 60’s. It wasn’t the cold that was bothering me, it was the wind. I have been weeding the field(again!) and prepping trees for the upcoming GSBF convention in Riverside. I will be taking quite a few trees to the convention. If the trees do not all sell at the convention, I will be putting some very interesting trees on e-bay. I am also working on getting my website going and am getting very close. Last week two very nice ladies came from Bakersfield to visit the nursery. I asked them how they heard of me and they said they typed in Pismo Beach(their destination and bonsai). I am amazed at how a little ingenuity and the internet can provide so much information. Well I need my to refill my coffee cup and get back to work. I have been avoiding going outside because I can see frost on the rooftops.

Bonsai lesson/Workshop

I am starting a bonsai workshop on Saturday mornings. I plan on doing the workshops every Saturday from 9:00am – 12:00 pm. The cost of the workshop is $20.00. The workshops will include use of wire and use of some specialty tools(It is preferable that you bring your own tools if you have them). The workshop also includes individualized attention. The amount of individual attention depends on the number of participants. You are asked to bring a plant, or you can purchase one at the nursery. Please call ahead before attending. You can e-mail me at or call the nursery at 805-929-4818 and ask for George. If you have any questions regarding the workshop, you can e-mail me or call me. The first 25 participants that sign – up for the workshops will have a price freeze for 2 years at the introductory price of $20.00 per session (In order to qualify for the special price you must attend at least one workshop per month). This workshop has been in the planning stages for many month’s. Many people have requested a workshop of this type. It should be fun for all levels of experience from beginners to seasoned veterans. I hope to see you at one of the workshops! George

New and Exciting Changes!

I was transplanting trees today and was happy to see the progress on a lot of different trees. The progress seem to be slow until you really look at the changes. When I transplant, I look around to see what trees need to be placed into larger containers. I looked at the Chinese quince in the 2 gallon cans and noticed the large trunk size. So I placed them into larger containers. When I looked around the nursery, it seemed that there were a lot of trees that needed to be placed into larger containers. It seems that all the tree suddenly got larger! What is really happening is that I will be working on one end of the nursery and not paying attention to another part of the nursery. For example: I was weeding in the field for the last few days because of all the new weeds popping up from the rain. Before that, I was pruning and weeding a different section of the field. While I have been working out in the field, the trees in the nursery cans have been ignored. When I go back to walking through the rows of nursery cans, I noticed the changes in the trunk sizes of the trees. Often times when customers come to the nursery, they will tell me how things have changed. I see the same nursery daily and incrementally, so I don’t notice the changes that are taking place over time. Someone making a trip to the nursery may not have seen the nursery in weeks, months or years. I think I’ll stop looking now because I’m just causing myself more work! Speaking of changes, there will be new and exciting changes that are just around the corner. One of these changes is a website for the bonsai nursery. I know what you are thinking, What took so long? As with bonsai, all good things come to those who wait. I will keep you posted when the changes happen, so keep checking back! I think it’s time to go to bed before I think of something else that needs to be done….

Weather roulette

Trying to do bonsai on the Central Coast of California is both a blessing and a challange. Last Tuesday and Wednesday we received much needed rain. The bonsai’s were happy and I was happy. Then came Thursday and Friday. Thursday was in the mid 90’s, about 20 degrees higher than normal. I can handle the heat, but the humidity was around 85%. For those of you in Florida and the East coast, that is normal. It is quite a rarity for us to have both. Friday was not any better, mid 90’s. Today was about low 90’s and high humidity. We have had to water daily for the past few days. The elms are pushing growth, my ume’s which dropped all their leaves are starting to leaf out again! This has been quite a challenging year to do bonsai. That’s the price you have to pay to do bonsai in paradise. George

Bonsai in the rain

Today we got a little more of the wet stuff. Most of it fell overnight and we had a steady light rain for most of the day. So I put my jacket on and went out to work. A little rain never hurt anyone. I dug out some San Jose junipers and I must say they look fantastic. I have included a picture of one in the field and another picture of a San Jose juniper after I thinned the tree out. The San Jose juniper bonsai stock in the field are trained for movement and taper. The branches are secondary. The reason for this is that they are quite prolific growers in the ground. After a few years, I occasionally work on the taper and on the movement, but the branches are just let go. Most people are hesitant to buy the field grown junipers because they do not know what to expect. I also dug out a few Japanese red pines. One of them is one of the best red pines that I have dug out in a long time. I also played around with a few rosemary and repotted some umes into the new soil mix. Now that I have had some coffee and lunch, its back to work. Hopefully the rain is taking a little break also. George

P.S. If you want a closer look at the photo’s just click onto the photo you would like to get a close up of.

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