Surprise 1 – day sale on e-bay!

For those of you who read my blog, I have just put two trees on e-bay on a one day sale! I will be doing this periodically. If you follow my blog, you will have a heads up when I do this. Today I was preparing our trees for the San Luis Obispo Obon festival at the Veterans Memorial building in San Luis Obispo. I hope to see you there!

Click on any of the images above to get a more detailed view.

Today we went to prune a majestic Japanese black pine landscape tree. I want to first give you a background of the tree. My father and I planted the tree at a friend of my fathers house when I was in Junior High. That means that the tree was planted in the ground over 35 years ago. The tree was a 5 gallon tree when we planted it in the ground. The tree currently stands at around 12 feet tall and the lowest branches extend out about 7 feet in either direction. The base of the trunk at the soil level is around 2 feet in diameter. This tree has phenomenal movement in the trunk. I will include photographs that I took today(Would you believe I remembered to take my camera?) I was not able to get a close shot of the trunk so a lot of the movement is hidden behind the branches. The bark of the tree is very rough as would be expected of a tree of this age. The branches are in all the right places. I would dare say it is one of the finest examples of a Japanese black pine landscape tree in all of California. There are no major wounds visible on the tree because it has been shape for so many years. This tree took my father and I over 3 and a half hours to prune. We had to make scaffolding out of the ladders and a 2 x 12 board. We also had to climb the tree in a few places to be able to reach the interior of the tree. Please post comments on what you think about the tree. I would really appreciate the feedback. Thank you! George

San Luis Obispo Obon Festival/Bonsai Display

The San Luis Obispo Obon Festival will be on Saturday, August 1st from 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm. The event will take place at the San Luis Obispo Veterans Memorial Building. The building is located on 801 Grand in San Luis Obispo. The Santa Maria Bonsai Club will be displaying bonsai trees at the event. We will also be doing a demonstration of bonsai. There will also be good food, taiko drumming, martial arts demonstrations and lots of vendors of all things Japanese. It is a very fun event to attend. I hope to see you there. Please stop by and say hi! George

Please Call Ahead!

Last week was an interesting week. I had to run a few errands and had to leave the nursery for a few hours. I had a few customers call me on my cell phone and wondered if I was open. I told them that I would be back in a few hours. It seems that every time I step away from the nursery, someone comes by. (Just like when I try to eat lunch, inevitably I have a customer.) We are a unique nursery and are on the property about 95 percent of the time. However, we do have to run errands occasionally. That is why I ask people to call ahead when they would like to visit. That way, I can plan my errands so that I will be here to help out the customer. Since I do not have any employees, I do not have some one at the nursery if I am not there. So please call ahead if you decide to visit the nursery.

On a lighter note, my dog decided to harass a skunk. My wife got up at 4:00 in the morning and asked me to check on the dog. When I opened the door to the backyard, I was overwhelmed by the smell of skunk. Apparently, the skunk was on the outside of the chain link fence and my dog was barking hysterically at the skunk. The skunk did not take kindly to all that barking and sprayed my dog! So at 4:00 in the morning, I bathed my dog about 6-8 times with a flea shampoo. I also washed his bedding. That was a fun morning. I also had to work until 2:00pm, went to Los Angeles to pick up a couch that we had purchased from IKEA. Since there is no IKEA near us and they would not deliver the couch to us, we had them deliver the couch to my sons house. So, we drove to L.A. and took our old couch to our son(Of course he lives on the second floor and it was 90 degrees outside) and picked-up the new couch from his apartment. We had dinner at Dr. Hogly Woglys Texas Style BBQ. Apparantly it is quite well known. The restaurant was dark and non descript, but the smell of BBQ was everywhere. Since my son had eaten there before, He suggested that we order a 3 piece combo plate and share. So my son, his girlfriend, my wife and I shared the combo plate. Believe it or not, we could not eat all the food! It was the best BBQ that I ever had. We had brisket, chiken and BBQ hot links. They also had baby back ribs, spare ribs and many other things on the menu. The meal also comes with two sides and a home made bread. After dinner, we drove home and got back at 11:00pm! What a day! What would life be like without a few surprises.

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